Jocloud offers various client SDKs for you to connect to a global real-time network (RTN) for stable, reliable instant messaging services with high concurrency and ultra-low latency, helping you to create service scenarios quickly.

Jocloud’s mobile-specific instant messaging SDK code is Hummer.

  • Core offers SDK initialization login and configuration functions.
  • ChatRoom Service offers an API for chatroom management.
  • MessageService offers a channel for sending public screen, unicast and broadcast signaling messages.

Basic Functions

HMRInitInitialize an SDK
HMROpenLog in to an SDK
HMRCloseLog out of an SDK
HMRRefreshTokenWithCompletionRefresh a user token
HMRSetLoggerSet Logger
HMRAddStateListenerAdd an SDK state listener
HMRRemoveStateListenerRemove an SDK state listener
HMRGetStateCurrent status of HummerSDK
HMRGetVersionGet SDK version information
onStateCallbackCallback of SDK status changes
onPreviousTokenExpiredCallbackCallback of token expiration

Chatroom Management

HMRCreateChatRoomCreate a chatroom
HMRCreateChatRoomWithInfoCreate a chatroom and configure information
HMRJoinChatRoomJoin a chatroom
HMRJoinChatRoomWithMultiCheckJoin a chatroom and detect if the current user is logged in repeatedly
HMRJoinChatRoomWithConfigsJoin a chatroom and specify the extension information
HMRLeaveChatRoomExit a chatroom
HMRChatRoomChangeBasicInfoEdit the chatroom basic information
HMRAddChatRoomListenerAdd a chatroom listener
HMRRemoveChatRoomListenerRemove a chatroom listener
HMRMakeChatRoomIdentityCreate a Identity object
HMRExtractChatRoomIdGet the chatroom ID from the Identity object
HMRIsChatRoomDetermine whether the Identity object represents a chatroom
HMRChatRoomFetchRoomInfoGet all the attributes of a chatroom
HMRChatRoomAddOrUpdateRoomInfoAdd or update the chatroom attribute
onBasicInfoChangedCallback of chatroom information changes
onRoomInfoAddedOrUpdatedCallback of chatroom information added or updated

Chatroom Member Management

HMRChatRoomFetchMembersGet the list of online members
HMRChatRoomSetUserInfoSet your own information
HMRChatRoomFetchOnLineUserInfoListGets the list of online members for which user information has been set
HMRAddMemberListenerAdd a listener for chatroom members
HMRRemoveMemberListenerRemove the listener for chatroom members
HMRGetChatRoomRegionGet the chatroom service area code
HMRSetChatRoomRegionSet the chatroom service area code
HMRMakeChatRoomUserCreate a Identity object for a member
HMRExtractChatRoomUserGet the member ID from the Identity object
HMRIsChatRoomUserDetermine whether the Identity object represents a member
HMRChatRoomDeleteUserInfoDelete the member attribute
HMRChatRoomBatchFetchUserInfosGet member attributes in a batch
HMRChatRoomAddOrUpdateUserInfoAdd or update member attributes
onMemberJoinedCallback of member joining a chatroom
onMemberLeavedCallback of member exiting a chatroom
onMemberCountChangedCallback of chatroom member count change
onMemberKickedCallback of chatroom member removal
onMemberOfflineCallback of offline timeout
onUserInfoSetCallback of the member's information being set
onUserInfoAddedOrUpdatedCallback of the member information added or updated
onUserInfoDeletedCallback of deleting a member's information

Message Channel

HMRSendMessasgeSend messages (including public screen, unicast and broadcast)
HMRAddMessageListenerAdd a message listener
HMRRemoveMessageListenerRemove a message listener
HMRCreateMessageCreate a message
HMRRetainMessageHold a reference to a message
HMRReleaseMessageRelease a reference to a message
HMRMakeMessageExtraCreate the extended content of a message
HMRIsMessageFailedDetermines whether the message is in a failed status
HMRGetConversationTargetGet the session target based on the message object
beforeSendingCallback before sending a message
afterSendingCallback after sending a message
onReceiveCallback after receiving a message

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