Product Overview

Jocloud intelligent content moderation, based on the industrial cutting-edge AI technologies, can accurately and efficiently recognize illegal contents (including porn, moan, spam, abuse, terrorism, and sensitive information) in different scenarios, thus helping customers resist against content risks in real time, improve the moderation efficiency, reduce the moderation cost, and purify the network environment.


Currently, intelligent moderation supports moderation over pictures, text, audio files, video files, audio/video streams of Jocloud live streaming, and other real-time audio/video streams.

Detection ObjectDescription
PictureDetect whether pictures contain illegal information
AudioDetect whether voice clips contain illegal information
TextDetect whether text segments contain illegal information
VideoDetect whether video audio data in video clips contain illegal information
Live StreamingDetect whether audio and video live streams in the Jocloud live streaming system contain illegal information
Real-time StreamDetect whether real-time audio and video streams contain illegal information

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