Product Overview

Real-time Signaling (RTS) is a lightweight reliable message transmission service developed on the globally interconnected low-latency transport network.

Integrated with an SDK, this service is enabled with basic capabilities, including P2P messages, broadcast messages, user statuses, and user messages.

1. Functions and Scenarios

You can get the following basic functions by accessing the RTS SDK:

P2P messageSupport P2P message exchange between users
Room messageAllow users to send broadcast messages to a room. All members of this room will receive this message.
Room attribute managementSupport adding, deleting, modifying, and searching room attributes. This function allows group notice and synchronization of microphone sequence.
Search of room member quantitySupport searching online member quantity of a single room or multiple rooms
User attribute managementSupport adding, deleting, modifying, and searching room member attributes. This function is applicable to configuration of user service attributes and identifiers.
User online statusBroadcast user status change to all users in the room
Room lifecycleAn RTS room is created when a user enters and is destroyed after being empty for 10 minutes.

You can use these functions flexibly to meet the requirements of service scenarios:

Online educationGroup chat, private chat, teacher and student labels, sign-in, hands-up, and whiteboard
Interactive live streamingPublic bullet screen, gift broadcast, user list, co-hosting instruction, control for enabling or disabling the microphone
E-commerce live streamingMessage of user entering a channel, private message, public bullet screen, room member quantity, room notice

2. Key Properties

Key PropertyDescription
Message arrivalAdopt policy of message arrival to ensure in-time arrival of messages
Superior concurrency performanceHigh-performance service architecture, satisfying high-concurrency scenarios with up to tens of millions of DAUs
Global deploymentVarious data centers and node services globally provide continents with stable overseas links
Custom messageSupport binary messages, enriching message portfolios

3. Platform Compatibility

PlatformCompatibility Requirement
AndroidAndroid 4.0.3(API15+), JDK 1.7+
iOSiOS 9.0+
WebIE10+, Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9+, etc.

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