Product Overview

The beautification provides facial brightening, smoothing, filtering, and shaping effects and supports AR effects like face and gesture stickers through AI recognition technology.


This beautification product offers brightening, smoothing, stylistic filters, shaping, 2D face stickers, gesture recognition, background segmentation, and other standard features. Basic features include brightening, smoothing, and stylistic filters, while advanced features include brightening, smoothing, stylistic filters and shaping.

BrightenHighly adjustable with low resource consumption, optimized for low-level hardware
SmoothHighly adjustable blemish removal for pimples, wrinkles, moles, birthmarks, and scars, occupying less computing resources, optimized for low-level hardware
Stylistic FiltersFive stylistic filters: holiday, clear, warm, fresh, and soft
ShapeA wide variety of shaping tools, including face thinning/shrinking, eye enlargement/distancing, forehead height/width, nose shape and lip shape adjustments
2D Face StickersA variety of entertaining facial feature-based sticker effects
Gesture RecognitionEleven kinds of gesture recognition, including victory, thumbs-up, (one or two-handed) heart sign, Spiderman, holding, hang loose, deference, open palm, clasped palms, and OK
Background SegmentationHuman body detection with additional effects available upon separation of the human figure from the background


Social EntertainmentBeautification can be applied to live streaming and video chats, enhancing user stickiness with various effects.
Online EducationVarious beautification effects for live streaming improve educational efficacy and enjoyment.
E-commerce PlatformsBeautification effects are available for influencer marketing and model imagery.
Interactive GamesBeautification is available for gamers' video chats, along with various effects to make games even more enthralling.


Platform InteroperabilityiOS, Android, and Windows
Easy AccessThe core SDK and effects package decouple for simple API design and quick start.
Effect CustomizationThe supplied design tools provide a high degree of customization, perfect for customizing effects.
High PerformanceReal-time CPU and GPU operation, low consumption of computing resources

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