The chatroom provides developers with a set of in-room chat products. Users can receive chatroom content upon joining, and cannot receive chatroom content after exiting. Chatroom user lists and relationships are not persistently stored.

The chatroom enables private chat, group chat (public screen), and room or member list management functions. You can send unicast or broadcast signaling messages through the message channel.

1. Functions and Scenarios

Quickly access the following basic functions through the chatroom SDK:

Unicast messageSend point-to-point (P2P) messages to a specified room member
Broadcast messageBroadcast a notification or event to all room members
Room attribute managementSupport setting and query of room attributes; capable of group announcements, microphone sequence synchronization, and other functions
Room member managementSupport assigning chatroom roles, muting, member removal, etc.
User online statusSupport callback of various chatroom events such as users joining/exiting, change in number of users, kicking out user and muting

You may flexibly adapt these functions to meet the needs of your service scenario:

Online educationPublic screen chat, private chat, setting administrator permissions, muting, and signaling controls (such as for sign-in, hands up, and whiteboard)
Interactive live streamingPublic bullet screen, gift broadcast, in-room private chat, and permissions management
E-commerce live streamingPublic bullet screen, customer service private chat, room member count, room announcements, live stream management, and signaling controls (such as for flash sale events)

2. Key Properties

Key PropertyDescription
Instant messageThe signaling message channel ensures immediate message delivery.
High reliabilityDistributed architecture, multiple equipment rooms, and multiple channels keep activity going.
High concurrencyScalable structures support concurrency in the millions for a single chatroom.
Global distributionNumerous global nodes and data centers provide stable overseas connectivity to all continents.

3. Platform Compatibility

PlatformCompatibility Requirement
AndroidAndroid 4.0.3(API15+), JDK 1.7+
iOSiOS 9.0+
WebIE10+, Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9+, etc.

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