Jocloud provides reliable QoE (quality of experience) for real-time audio/video communications through a global real-time network.

ThunderBolt-WeChat-SDK is a JavaScript library through Mini Programs. It connects through Mini Program APIs to operate audio and video controls. Its global network APIs combine flexibly to realize reliable real-time audio communication between Mini Programs or between Mini Program and web, mobile, or PC clients.

Basic APIs

new ClientSdk()Create a ClientSdk object
onAdd event binding
joinRoomJoin a channel
leaveRoomLeave a channel
publishMediaPublish audio/video stream
unpublishMediaCancel audio/video stream publishing
subscribeMediaSubscribe to audio/video stream
unsubscribeMediaUnsubscribe to audio/video stream
enableLocalMediaResume local audio/video stream
disableLocalMediaDisable local audio/video stream
enableRemoteMediaEnable remote audio/video stream reception
disableRemoteMediaDisable remote audio/video stream reception

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