Jocloud audio SDK for real-time audio interaction provides services of real-time audio call and distribution of interactive live streaming.

Based on in-depth research in network and audio technologies, Jocloud provides seamless, multi-platform compatible, low-latency, and high-currency real-time audio/video call across the globe through self-developed real-time network (RTN) and audio/video engines. It aims to facilitate developers to quickly implement one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many audio /video live streaming, live distribution, etc., thereby meeting scenario-specific needs of industries such as social media, live streaming, education and collaboration.

Product Architecture

Technological Scenarios

Oriented to specific scenarios of different services, Jocloud real-time audio interaction (Jocloud-Audio-Interaction) provides two basic technological capabilities:

Real-time audio callOne-to-one or many-to-many voice callOne-to-one voice chat, many-to-many voice chat, voice chatroom, game gang-up, Werewolves and tabletop games.
Interactive Live BroadcastingSingle-person audio publishing or group audio interaction, and sharing to CDN is availableFM Voice Radio

Main Features

According to main technological scenarios, Jocloud audio SDK provides abundant sets of function APIs for developers to combine flexibly.

Basic Features

CategoryFeatureDescriptionApplication Scenario
Co-HostingCo-hosting on clientLow-latency interaction between clients in a roomAll scenarios
Co-HostingCo-hosting across roomsLow-latency interaction between clients across roomsAnchor face-offs across rooms in live show
AudioHi-Fi audio qualityHigh audio quality and 2-channel stereo with audios sampled at 48 kHzHigh-quality voice radio, karaoke, music teaching, etc.
Audio3A processing3A: Acoustic Echo Chancellor (AEC), Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC), assuring audio quality in scenarios such as dual-talk and noise reductionAll scenarios
AudioAudio mixingSend and play the local or online audio files and user voice simultaneously to other users in the roomLive show, voice chatroom, matchmaking video chat, karaok, voice radio, small or large class teaching, etc.
AudioVoice change & reverb14 voice change effects, such as coquettish girl, heavy metal
10 reverberation effects, such as karaoke, recording studio and concert
Live show, voice chatroom, matchmaking video chat, karaoke, voice radio, etc.
AudioVolume promptProvide volume prompt for local and remote users in forms of waveform or loudspeaker volume promptLive show, voice chatroom, matchmaking video chat, karaoke, voice radio, etc.
AudioVoice positioningSet the voice position of a remote user to track the real-time position of the remote user, creating a real sense of space.Online games
AudioRaw audio dataCustomize raw audio data collected by SDK. For example, in the preprocessing stage, optimize raw audio data before submitting it to SDK for encoding and transmission.Commonly used in scenarios where users have their audio/video libraries and audio data modification is needed (for example, voice change)
Live StreamingAudio layoutMix audio/video streams of multiple channels in a room into one streamInteractive live streaming
Live StreamingStream pushing to CDNPush audio/video streams in a room to other RTMP servers and distribute them by CDN (distribution should be supported by the third-party)Social sharing in interactive live streaming
Live StreamingSEI (Supplemental Enhancement Information)While transmitting audio/video stream data, synchronize custom information to the media stream via SEI/DSE frames, such as layout, lyric and volume notificationsTo synchronize custom information, sever's layout or volume prompt information

Extended Features

CategoryFeatureDescriptionApplication Scenario
Extended FeaturesCloud recordingRecord audio/video contents at server and save them to a third party by writing fileOnline education, social entertainment, financial customer service, etc.
Extended FeaturesSignalsReliable transmission channel for instant messaging and status synchronizationAll scenarios
Extended FeaturesAudio moderationSecurity check for audio contents like pornographic, sensitive political informationService compliance check

Product Advantages

Jocloud audio SDK is in the vanguard of quality in the industry.

Full Coverage & High ConcurrencyWith RTN designed for two-way real-time transmission, it provides audio/video real-time network system worldwide of high quality via in-house IDC room and public cloud; based on intelligent routing algorithm and optimal end-to-end transmission path, it provides the best service experience for users and supports millions of concurrent connections.
Full Platforms & Multiple TerminalsWith industry-leading compatibility, it provides SDK APIs covering iOS, Android, Windows and macOS; supports interconnection with WebRTC and WeChat Mini Programs; and adapts over 5,000 models, with excellent power consumption and audio/video quality for low-end models.
High Quality & Low LatencyIndustry-leading in-house audio/video engine in audio, video and network algorithm; average end-to-end latency ranges from 200 ms to 500 ms; supports 48 kHz audio and 720P and 1080P video, providing normal audio/video services when the packet loss rate is 70% and 60% respectively; excellent 3A processing to reduce echoes, howling and background noise.
Multiple Scenarios & Easy CombinationSDK and API cover the capturing, preprocessing, encoding, transmission, decoding, post-processing, rendering and playing; and can suffice for different industries by abundant API classes and complete event callbacks.
Low Cost & Easy AccessWith comprehensive API and access manuals, it only takes 30 minutes to implement interaction capabilities with low-delay and cost-effective.

Key Properties

Jocloud audio SDK provides stable and reliable audio/video performance and enables real-time audio/video interaction under all basic network circumstances.

SDK Package Size4 to 6 MB
Audio Interaction CapacityUnlimited
Audience Capacity1 million
Network CoverageGlobal
Audio QualityAudio sampling rate: 16 -48 kHz
Number of channels: mono and stereo
Audio Latency70 ms
Uplink/Downlink Anti-Packet Loss Rate70%

Platform Compatibility

Jocloud audio SDK supports a wide range of platforms and allows for cross-platform connections. The following is a list of supported platforms, versions and architectures.

PlatformSupported VersionSupported Architecture
iOS8.0+armv7, arm64, x86
Android4.0.3+armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, and simulator (x86)
WebGoogle Chrome browser 70+, browsers based on Chrome 70+/
Wechat Mini ProgramSupported/

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