Cloud Recording

Jocloud cloud recording (Jocloud-Cloud-Recording) is a server-side capability component for use in conjunction with Jocloud real-time video and audio interaction products.

Based in Jocloud’s uniform global RTN, real-time cloud recording supports business integration. A developer can record single or multi-channel audio/video streams in the RTN via a simple, flexible server-side RESTful API. As a recording file is generated at the cloud end, the developer can specify a third-party cloud storage service for upload. Thus is pushing to CDN for distribution accelerated so developers are better able to meet social sharing requirements whether for live streaming, education, collaboration, or other professional fields.



Main Functions

Main FunctionDescription
Mixed Stream RecordingSpecify audio/video mixing of multiple users in a room
Set Video Mixing Recording TemplatesProvide four general-purpose video mixing layout templates for direct developer application
Customize Video Mixing Recording LayoutThe developer can customize a complex video mixing layout
Video mixing recording for co-hosting across roomsSpecify video mixing recording for co-hosting across rooms
Audio/Video Frame Patching LogicWhen there is no uplink video stream (such as when a mobile phone exits the background program), black frames are patched in to ensure integrity.
Recording Status CallbackProvide callback notification for recording events
Recording File FormatSupport m3u8
Third-Party Cloud StorageSpecify third-party OSS storage

Application Scenarios

IndustryApplication Scenario
Online EducationHigh-quality audio/video recording for interactive online education scenarios, such as small class, large class, one-to-one instruction or AI instruction
Social Live StreamingRecording of key moments, moderation of live streaming playback and archives, and AI cluster analysis of offline content
Financial IndustryAudio and voice recording archives for remotely opening online accounts, online signing, and other services
Customer Service CenterRecorded content facilitates customer service quality assessments and user surveys
TelemedicineRecorded online consultations facilitate illness tracking and reexamination

Key Properties

Easy AccessThe APIs are simple and easy to operate, designed for rapid integration for online use.
High ReliabilityGlobal cluster deployment, resource extension, and disaster recovery backup
Information SecurityEnd-to-end security assurance for audio/video streams data transmission and storage

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