Frequently Asked Question

I. General Questions

1. What is the Relationship Between Label, Rate, and Suggestion in the Returned Result?

Answer: Label represents the detection label. Different detection types have different detection labels. See details in API Document of each API.
Rate is a floating-point number from [0 – 1] and indicates the probability of this label. The larger the value, the higher the probability of falling into this category.
Suggestion is the punishment suggestion given by the system based on the rate value and the preset threshold value. Generally, there are two threshold values, a and b, used to divide the three suggestions (pass, review, and block).

II. Picture Moderation

III. Text Moderation

1. How to Set Text Moderation for Different Languages?

Answer: First, confirm that the current system supports the language required. The current system supports moderation in Chinese, English, and Arabic. Contact customer support for more language support;
Second, go to "My Center -> Moderation -> Word Bank Management" and choose the word bank of your language;
Finally, specify the language by calling parameter extra of the text moderation API, such as "'extra': {'lang': 'english'}". The default language is Chinese.

IV. Video Moderation

V. Real-Time Stream Moderation

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