1. Why is the demo showing license expired or SDK access license failure?

A: SDK use requires a license. If licensing fails, it will show up as an expiration. It could be that no license has been assigned, or that there‘s a network connection problem.

2. Is sub-licensing available?

A: Yes, you can buy sub-licenses for different app IDs, platforms, and functions (basic beautification, shaping, gesture recognition, stickers, and background segmentation), which work independently.

3. Does the SDK support multithreaded calls?

A: The SDK API needs to be called in the same rendering thread. The base of the SDK uses OpenGL for rendering, and the OpenGL context is thread-related.

4. Why does the SDK require both the original image and texture for every frame of effect rendering?

A: The original image is used for facial, gesture, and background segmentation AI algorithmic recognition, while the texture is used for effect rendering. Supplying both data avoids performance loss caused by format conversion.

5. Are there any software/hardware requirements for the SDK?

A: OpenGL 2.1 or above (Windows), Android 4.0 or above, or iOS 9.0 or above.

6. Is the 64-bit SDK available for Windows?

A: It is temporarily unavailable, but may be available in the future.

7. Is the SDK compatible with Mac, Web, and other platforms?

A: It is currently only compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. SDKs for other platforms may be available in the future.

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