The OrangeHelper class encapsulates the OrangeHelper SDK API. APIs provided by this class can satisfy the entire OrangeFilter SDK rendering process.

All OrangeHelper class APIs need to be called in the rendering thread; for interaction with other threads, call back to the existing rendering thread.

Basic Functions

createContextInitialize an SDK context
destroyContextDestroy an SDK context
isContextValidAvailability of Orange beautification SDK
enableEffectEnable/Disable the effect
releaseSEffectDisable the effect and free its memory
enableGestureEnable/Disable the gesture effect
releaseGestureDisable the gesture effect package and free its memory
enableStickerEnable/Disable the sticker effect
releaseStickerDisable the sticker effect package and free its memory
getEffectParamObtain an effect parameter
setEffectParamSet an effect parameter
getEffectParamDetailGet the effect parameter's scope and default value
updateFrameParamsFrame-rendering effect callback
checkStickerResultCheck returns for stickers
setLogLevelSet a log level
setLogCallbackRedirect the log output

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