Registration and Login

To access Jocloud products and services, you need to register an Jocloud account.


  1. Go to the registration page.

  2. Choose By Mobile Number or By E-mail.

  3. Fill in your mobile number or e-mail address, get the verification code, and fill in your password. Then click Register to finish the registration procedure.

Registration Page


Jocloud provides login by e-mail account and login by mobile phone verification code.

  1. Log in by e-mail account:

E-mail Address

  1. Log in by mobile phone verification code:

E-mail Address

Upon the first login, complete personal information. Fill in your name and company name, and click Next.

Complete Personal Information 1

Next, verify user information. Fill in your e-mail address or mobile number and click Finish to navigate to the Jocloud console.

Complete Personal Information 2

Change the Password

  1. Log in to the Jocloud console.

  2. Click the top right corner to change the password.

Click Settings

  1. Change the password.

Change the password either by mobile phone or e-mail verification.

Change Password

Retrieve the Password

  1. Go to the password retrieval page.

Retrieve Password

  1. Set the password as instructed.

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