Realtime Signaling (RTS) is a lightweight and high-reliable message transmission service developed on the low-latency and high-concurrency global real-time message system architecture.

The RTS SDK can be integrated to implement high-concurrency, low-latency, and stable message transmission channels. Interworking with the audio/video interaction SDK, RTS can help developers to create service scenarios, including interactive teaching, voice chat room, video live streaming, and calling.

The code of the RTS SDK specific to Jocloud mobile terminals is Hummer.

  • The Hummer API class provides SDKs initialized login and configuration Functions.
  • The HMRPeerService API class provides capabilities of sending P2P messages and searching user online status.
  • The HMRRoomService API class provides capabilities of managing rooms and room members.

Basic APIs

stateGet the current status of HummerSDK
startWithAppId:appVersion:eventObserver:Initialize Hummer and start listening to Hummer status change
loginWithUid:region:token:completion:Log in to SDK
logoutLog out an SDK
refreshToken:completion:Refresh a user token
sdkVersionGet SDK version information
setLoggerFilePath:Set log saving path. The caller should ensure that the path is valid.
didHummerStateChanged:toState:withReason:Callback of SDK status change
didHummerKicked:withDescription:SDK callback method for removing users when login through multiple ends is detected
didHummerPreviousTokenExpiredCallback of a user token expired

P2P Messages and User Status

instanceCreate an instance and initialize
queryUserOnlineStatus:completion:Batch search of user online status for indicating the status of specific users
sendMessage:withOptions:toUser:completion:Send P2P signaling messages
addObserver:Add a message listener
removeObserver:Remove a message listener
didPeerMessageReceived:fromUser:You will receive a notification callback of this event upon the receipt of P2P signaling messages.

Room Management

instanceCreate an instance and initialize
queryMemberCounts:roomRegion:completion:Batch search for number of room members
setRoomAttributes:withAttributes:options:completion:Set room profiles
addOrUpdateRoomAttributes:withAttributes:options:completion:Add or update profiles of specific rooms
deleteRoomAttributes:byKeys:options:completion:Delete specific profiles of specific rooms
clearRoomAttributes:withOptions:completion:Clear profiles of specific rooms
queryRoomAttributes:byKeys:completion:Search specific profiles of specific rooms
queryRoomAttributes:completion:Search all profiles of specific rooms
sendMessage:withOptions:inRoom:completion:Send room messages
addRoomObserver:Add listeners for Room
removeRoomObserver:Remove listeners for Room
didRoomMessageReceived:fromUser:inRoom:Notification received by room members when a user sends signaling messages to this room
didRoomAttributesSet:withAttributes:byUser:Notification of setting room profiles
didRoomAttributesAddedOrUpdated:withAttributes:byUser:Notification of adding or updating room profiles
didRoomAttributesDeleted:withAttributes:byUser:Notification of deleting room profiles
didRoomAttributesCleared:withAttributes:byUser:Notification of clearing room profiles

Room Member Management

joinRoom:withAppExtras:options:completion:Join a room
leaveRoom:completion:Exit a room
queryMembers:completion:Search a member list of a specific room
setMemberAttributes:inRoom:withAttributes:options:completion:Set profiles of the current user in the current room
addOrUpdateMemberAttributes:inRoom:withAttributes:options:completion:Add or update user profiles in the current room
deleteMemberAttributes:inRoom:byKeys:options:completion:Delete specific user profiles in the current room
clearMemberAttributes:inRoom:options:completion:Clear all user profiles in the room
queryMemberAttributtes:inRoom:byKeys:completion:Search specific user profiles in the current room
queryMemberAttributtes:inRoom:completion:Search all user profiles in the current room
addMemberObserver:Add listeners for Member
removeMemberObserver:Remove listeners for Member
didRoomMemberJoined:inRoom:Notification of members joined the room
didRoomMemberLeft:inRoom:Notification of members exited the room
didRoomMemberOffline:Notification of the current user exited the room due to disconnection timeout
didRoomMemberCountChanged:ofCount:Notification of number change of room members
didRoomMemberAttributesSet:inRoom:withAttributes:Callback notification of setting room member profiles
didRoomMemberAttributesAddedOrUpdated:inRoom:withAttributes:Callback notification of adding or updating room member profiles
didRoomMemberAttributesDeleted:inRoom:withAttributes:Callback notification of deleting room member profiles
didRoomMemberAttributesCleared:inRoom:withAttributes:Callback notification of clearing room member profiles

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